Welcome to Trust Tree®. We’ve helped hundreds of Squadhelp customers with the selection and registration of U.S. trademarks.

To get started, we need to collect some information about your business, the trademark, and the goods/services. The form is for internal purposes only. The information will be used to prepare the application for your review and signature.

After completing the form, please “submit” to return it to us. we will then review it and get back to you.


Identifying the goods/services

You must clearly and precisely identify the goods/services to which the mark will apply. Broad descriptions like “clothing” is not acceptable, but specific descriptions like “t-shirts” is ok. To avoid additional fees, please select your goods/services from the USPTO Trademark Identification Manual:


Filing fee per class of goods/services

If the application is for goods/services in different classes, then you must pay a fee for each “class”. The “class” refers to the “international” class number assigned to the goods/services.

For example, for a trademark for computer software in Class 9 and t-shirts in Class 25, you must pay for two classes.

You have paid for the filing of a single-class trademark application through Squadhelp. If you want to cover goods/services in more than one class, then it will cost $250 for each additional class.

Identifying the filing basis

You must specify whether or not the mark is in use. If you have already used the mark in connection with the sale and/or providing of goods/services to U.S. customers, then the application may be filed under the “use in commerce” basis. If not, then the application must be filed under an “intent to use” basis.

“Intent to use” means you have a bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce; that is, you have more than just an idea but are not market ready (for example, having a business plan, creating samples products, or performing other initial business activities).

If the application is based on an intent to use the mark, then a registration will not issue until you have used the mark in connection with all of the applied-for goods/services in U.S. commerce. To prove use, a document must be filed with the trademark office called a “Statement of Use” within 12 months of filing the application (extensions are available). Additional fees will apply for this filing.

Registration is not automatic or guaranteed

An Examining Attorney at the trademark office will review the application to determine whether federal law permits registration. This may result in a letter (an “Office action”) being issued that will require a response. Additional fees may apply depending on the nature and complexity of the response.


The overall process takes an average of 10 months, but it can take up to 18 months. Here is a detailed timeline of the process:


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